Happiness Society

The first Happiness Society was started at the University of Oxford in early 2020.
We now invite students worldwide to start societies at their institutions with our support.

A Message from the Oxford Society:

"Stress affects many of us at Oxford, and even though most of us successfully graduate, the process that we go through isn’t easy. Increasingly we experience the need for mental support. Colleges and Departments have welfare and mental health support systems in place for this. Without a doubt, they are key to facilitating a healthy student life at Oxford. However, sometimes this is not enough. 


The Happiness Society is an independent society that supports students by disseminating relevant information and organizing talks, panel discussions and workshops, and with the support of the Happiness Institute provides a platform to discuss wellbeing with leading researchers and other organizations. We also like to give students an opportunity to simply relax, chat and enjoy themselves.

We think that with the environment that we are in, managing stress and emotions + increasing resilience = a happy, successful student. "

If you would like to start a society at your institution, let us know!

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